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Surviving USA Part 1

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It all began in January 25, 2008. I have decided to quit my job, which I had been working for almost 7 years since I graduated, packed my bags and come to the US. I would say, it is a life changing experience and it has changed the way I look at this world. Some experiences are neither nice nor pleasant. But I think that's one of the most precious parts of being alive and human and it's the process of growing (emotionally and mentally). I have met some people, who make me see this world differently and those who have some impact on my life. It's my first time EVER living abroad!


Life is full of surprises and there are so many turns. There might not be a direct road for you to reach your destination. Sometimes, we need a detour and enjoy the scenery along the way. Where is my destination??? I can't seem to find the answer yet. At some point, I feel like maybe the destination is not the absolute answer, the journey to the destination matters most to me. Still, I don't know where my destination is.....

This journey began with excitement, passion and affection, which at some point they don't last as you wish. I discovered that friendship is the only thing that might be with you forever and it is one of the nicest things I have got from this journey. I also have come to realize that when crisis strikes and you have to be on your own, you will discover who you really are.

I arrived San Francisco in January 25, 2008. Everything is NEW.....I feel alienated....but excited anyway! I planned to be in the US for 6 months or so. It turned out that I get to be here until November 24, 2008.


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Chiang Mai & Pai

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It's the first time for me to visit this lovely province, Chiang Mai! In winter, Chiang Mai is like a destination that lots of people want to visit! It's cold, especially in Winter. Chiang Mai is situated in the northern part of Thailand. It takes around 55 minutes by plane and around 7-8 hours by car. It's my first time visiting this province and I tell myself that there will be other times followed after this. I just can't help but falling in love with this exotic province. It's surrounded by mountains. The city is lit by lanterns! I have taken lots of photographs. I feel like I want to keep everything and all the memories in the pictures if that is practically possible.


I miss the weather, the food and all the slow-paced life of people there!

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Friendship rocks the most!!!

Phoe---Kwan--- Onn---Sandy---Amy

We have known each other for 14 years, it began in grade 9! I studied in a lady school when I was in high school. Now it's been 14 years that I have known my gal pals.

It is Phoe (Fee)'s birthday in October 2nd that we gather around to surprise her with the help and cooperation from her hubby, Apirak. She had no idea that friends would gather around to surprise her on her BD. She thought that her hubby would take her to have dinner only the two of them. The exciting part is when she finds out that we are here to celebrate with her. It is so much fun!!! We have dinner at "Kabuki", Japanese restaurant on the 7th floor of Central World. We laugh a lot about those stupid and fun stuff in those good old days! I don't want this day to end....Food is good and they have very nice gelato....luv it!


The fun begins after dinner....We walk around Central World not for shopping (not that much up for that) but for taking photographs of our group. Most of the time, Phoe's hubby takes those shots for us! We feel like we are in that high school time again. I have't done this kind of thing for a long time. Fee is still the way she used to be....she can pose everywhere with everything without any shyness...lol. She is the kind of friend that you can't help but laughing or smiling when you are with her....


It's been 14 years and I believe that this kind of relationship will keep on growing no matter how long it's gonna be....it is just so genuinely pure!

Friendship rocks the most....

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Rainy Night at River Bar.....

rain 32 °C

My friend's Portugese friends coming to Bangkok to visit her. We take them to the restaurant called "River Bar", which is situated on the bank of "Chao Praya River", on the opposite side of Bangkok. The side where the restaurant is situated called "Fung Tone". Unfortunately, it's raining and I can get only a few shots. The food is nice. The restaurant has two sections, another section is a bar in the air conditioning room, where there is a live band. The restaurant section is open air and by the river, which I love it a lot.

We take the local ferry crossing from Bangkok side to Fung Tone, it is fun to ride a ferry and more convenient than driving to this area. It takes only 30 minutes by the ferry, but if you drive, it's gonna take like hour or more, depends on the traffic!

I want to go back to this restaurant and do some more shots...Well, that might be in winter (actually, there is no winter in Thailand...lol) or maybe when the rain is not the obstacle for my shooting.


Rainy night at River bar.....

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Two Days, One Night in KL...

30 °C


I went to Kuala Lumpur in September 15 and came back the next day. Here is the thing, most of my travel has been involved with business....I only had a real travel when I went to Macau with my friend for celebrating New Year at the end of 2006. As a trip to KL, I had to go there because of business....I could only be there two days and one night. Anyway, one thing I like about traveling is the feeling when you set you foot on and the experiences along the way to your destination and definitely the new experience at the destination. I love the feeling when I am at the airport....It is the mixture of the feeling of happiness to get to see someone you are waiting for and a feeling of sadness when you have to be away from love ones....Still, it gives me excitement every time I set my foot on. But I want to have a real and long travel....I hope I can do that soon....


I havne't seen anything much in KL, only the hotel and somewhere around the hotel. The business has consumed my time like 70%. I stay at Renaissance Hotel, it is located on a very good spot. It is close to the twin buildings, like 5-10 min walk. I haven't done any shopping (not that much into that stuff), I only walk around the downtown, taking some pics around that area. Anyway, KL is not much different from BKK, especially the weather....lol!


I'm not sure where my next destination is....but I'm sure that I'll set my foot on soon!

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I miss snow....I have never seen or experienced it before, but I don't know why I have this kind of feeling! What would it be falling, running, laying on powdery snow.....It's a dream that I need to fulfill.

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It's been a while....

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I've been away from the blog for a while....I have lots of things to take care of at the moment. I'm kind of extremely obsessed with photography these days. I take lots of photos, but not that much that are great in my opinion. It's in the process of learning. I wouldn't want to miss any shots when traveling...so I really need to practise and focus.

I realize that planning ahead is good but changes are inevitable. There might be something unexpected comes up before the plan is completed. Anyway, I try to look at the brigth and enjoy the present moment! I don't know what future holds! I just believe in my intuition and heart...

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Tokyo has no legs....

Recently, I have read the book, called "Tokyo Has No Legs" Actually, the book is in Thai. It is so inspiring. The guy traveled to Tokyo with his friend with the money only US$900 (air tickets included)and stayed there for 9 days. Can you believe that??? Anyway, they have to sleep by the streets. Anyway, the experience they get is something you cannot find by just reading travel guide books. Tokyo or anywhere else have no legs. They cannot walk or visit you. If you want to have your own Tokyo experience you need to go there and experience it yourself.

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It's never enuv...

I'm thinking about going to other parts of Japan as well, but this plan is not concrete yet. Should I just stay and have a thorough explore in only Tokyo? Or should I visit other nearby cities as well? God, I cannot make final decision for now. I do really want to go to Supporo and check out some snow but for that kind of trip I need like half a month. I would like to stay in Tokyo at least 10 days. The problem is that I'm sure that I can only get 10 days off (max), not more than that :( If I decided to go to Supporo, I would want to stay there at least 3-5 days coz I want to learn skiing.....That means I need at least 15 days off for this trip for being able to have thorough explore in Tokyo and check out snow and go skiing in Supporo....I don't think I can get that such a long vacation from this company (actually 15 days are not that long for me...lol). It's never enuv.....

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Details collected

I've collected some details for the solo trip to Tokyo! There are some useful links...

I'm pretty concerned about the transportation in Tokyo coz there are tons of places I want to visit. I need to make sure that I will not get lost and waste my time on finding those places.
For details of transportation in Tokyo, go to these sites!
Details of JR Train in Tokyo can be found here
www.tokyometro.jp (Japan Metro)
www.kotsu.metro.tokyo.jp (TOEI Subway)

I have even written down all the Subway lines and stations in my notebook (I might have too much free time) Line names and station numbers and names....I'm kind of like freaked out when it comes to direction. Even in Bangkok, where I've been living for ages, still I get lost lots of times.

There are two major subways in Tokyo, these two are my main transportation so I need to check them thoroughly.
TOEI SUBWAY, has 4 lines
1. ASAKUSA line: A
2. MITA line: I
3. SHINJUKU line: S
4. OEDO line: E

TOKYO METRO has 8 (9) lines
1. GINZA line: G
2. MARUNOUCHI line: M or m
3. HIBIYA line: H
4. TOZAI line: T
5. CHIYODA line: C
6. YURAKUCHO line: Y
7. HANZOMON line: Z
8. NAMBOKU line: N

I'll come back shortly to put on some more details on subway in Tokyo....

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Tokyo, can u wait???

Actually, I had been to Tokyo three times, since 2003, 2004 and the last time was in 2005. Each time I stayed there for only 3-4 days and it wasn't a real travel at all. First time I was there for work. The second time I was there for someone, the same as the last time....I didnt' get to see anything much. I didn't get to go where I really wanted to go. I was attached to someone too much. I didn't see how exciting Tokyo was. I felt so sorry for myself.

In 2004, I had a bit of sightseeing in some small part of Tokyo with my Jap friends, not that bad. Every time I went to Tokyo, it was in Summer....I felt like I was in Thailand, it was bloody hot and humid.
I feel like those travels are not for myself at all....I didn't get to go where in want to go. I didn't get to explore the way I wanted my trip to be....
This was the time I was there in 2004Jap5.jpg

I hope Tokyo can wait for me and give me a chance to really explore the city and make this trip to be the way I want it to be and this time it has to be WINTER....wanna wear scarf & boots....

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The Journey Begins

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Tokyo1.jpgMa_Cam1.jpgI'm so inspired by lots of solo travellers. The way they live their lives freely. I want to challenge myself by making a solo travel. This is how this blog begins. I'm making my solo trip to Tokyo at the end of this year...I would like to write down everything I have done for making this trip happen. My job is killing me, lots of expenses I have to be responsible and also the saving for this solo trip. Today, I bought a new Nikon DSLR camera, D40X. Something I can afford for now.The purpose is for taking my first solo trip....it can be called like my first ever solo trip....I have done lots of search for details on traveling in Tokyo. The reason I choose Tokyo is because there are lots of things going on there. The city is sooo exciting. You can also find peace and fun, excitement in this city. It is not that far from my hometown. Anyway, first thing first, I need to practice taking goood photographs and get used to using this camera.

Lets see if I can really make this trip happen or not.

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